Louisa Richter von Morgenstern

Louisa takes a hands on and visionary approach and is one of the most experienced project managers in the south of England. Her knowledge of the JCT construction contracts is extensive and in-depth, having jointly drafted amendments to the current suite of JCT contracts.

Louisa also advises on complex planning issues and has an unbroken track record of success to date. She has sat on the board with some of the most influential members of the design industry and has been quoted in The Sunday Times.

Louisa studied surveying at Kingston University and is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. She regularly manages teams of up to twenty contractors and consultants and is called on to provide mediation and dispute resolution services.

Img louisa richter von morgenstern

Louisa Richter von Morgenstern

Great diplomacy, you should work for the UN!

Private Client – London and Monaco